Uninstalling programs on Windows – Here is how.

Uninstalling Programs on windows
Written by Samuel Tosin

Uninstalling programs on Windows – Here is how.

When it comes to uninstalling programs on Windows, a lot of PC users don’t know how it’s done. Truth is, uninstalling programs from Microsoft isn’t as difficult as you might think. Though, it all depends on the version of Windows your PC is running on.

Uninstalling Programs on windows

Even though it’s not difficult, I won’t be too quick to say it is easy too. it is not a drag and drop process. What comes to your head when you hear “uninstalling programs on PC” is dragging the app and dropping it in the recycle bin. Well, that’s not how it is. For a program to function on a PC, some file has to be installed in different locations depending on the type of software. You need to completely delete these files so as not to have junks on your system.

Interestingly, most programs are easy to remove, also, removing the files that support them can be done with simple steps.

Removing Apps on PCs in different Operating Systems.

  • Windows XP.

We will be starting with the Wiindows XP Operating System. You can uninstall the app by clicking the start button, choose the Add or Remove programs from the control panel. This process also works with Windows Vista.

  • Removing Apps from Windows 7

To uninstall programs from Windows 7, you will need to go to the Start menu, next select the Control panel which is on the right pan of the screen. Next, go to ‘Programs and Features’, select “uninstall a program” which is on the list. Now, click on the uninstall option.

  • Windows 8 system.

For those using the Windows 8 system. You can remove programs by opening the control panel (do this by right – clicking on the bottom -left part of your system’s screen). Next, choose the ‘uninstall a program’ function from the options displayed on the screen. You can now click on the program you’d want to uninstall.

  • Windows 10

Uninstalling programs on Windows 10 is quite simple. You can do this by opening the Start menu, choose the application you’d want to uninstall from the Apps list, right – click on this app, from the menu that pops up, select “uninstall.’ Windows 10 provides you wit the easiest way to uninstalling unwanted apps on your PC.

Worthy of Note.

It is important to note that some apps may not respond when you use these stated procedures. In this case, you can uninstall these programs by going to the settings menu. Once you right – click on the Start menu, select settings. Once you are on the settings screen, right – click on the App you want to uninstall, and remove.

What if there are no uninstall options on the programs?

This happens when the registry key name is longer than the usual 60 characters. In a situation where the registry key name is longer than 60, then you can solve this by editing the registry name. Be careful, editing the registry name can cause problems if it’s not done properly. That’s why you need to be careful.

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