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Ultimate Rules for buying a TV this 2019.

Written by Samuel Tosin

Ultimate Rules for buying a TV this 2019.

Timeless advice you will always get from anyone is buying your TV now or wait until the holiday sales. Just like everywhere else, TV prices aren’t stable, but as the year goes on, the prices tend to down. Whether you are buying a fairly used TV on Jiji or OLX or buying a new one on an eCommerce platform, there are certain rules you need to follow. Lucky for you, we will be sharing with you some of the ultimate rules for buying a TV for 2019.

Buying a TV

  • Want the best price? Wait until holidays.

Most eCommerce platforms offer the best prices during the holiday period. For instance, Black Friday, during the Christmas period in Nigeria, you get the product at ridiculous prices. Even though this tends to affect the new brands, the popular brands also get a Black Friday price cut. You get 32 – inches TV going for less than 50 000. Compared to the midseason, when you have new TV been shipped in. you get TV at a cheap price during the holidays.

  • Its more than the specs.

When people hear words like Super UHD TV, UltraHD Premium, LED TV, these specifications are just pure marketing words. They should be ignored. Most of these terms aren’t there to show what the TV is all about, instead, they are placed there to confuse you, making you feel like you are getting a TV with advanced feature. The specs are useless, they shouldn’t be used as a yardstick to judge a TV with picture quality.

  • Size Matters for TV.

Unlike PC Monitors where the size is just one of the yardsticks to getting a quality monitor, with TVs, size is everything. You should have 55 inches for your living room, or in a situation where this will be the main TV, then 65 inches or larger would be your best bet.

  • HDR and 4K are great on TV.

4K resolution TVs (also known as UHD – Ultra High Definition) TVs are cool. Just as the name implies, 4K resolution TVs have 4 times as the pixels you will find on a standard 1080p resolution TVs. This is an improvement, but the question a lot of people usually ask is “What’s the difference?”, in reality, there isn’t any difference in the sharpness of both 4K TV and a good old – fashioned HDTV. The difference is, 4K TVs are easy to produce, that is the main reason why they are the standard now. Now, most 55 inches or higher has 4K resolution.

These are the four things you should consider as you get a new TV. These aren’t the only ultimate rules for buying a TV, there are other things to look out for. If you don’t want to pay attention to the Picture Quality of the TV you are about to buy, you should consider sorting through the price list and the screen size. This is to tell you how complex the term ‘Picture Quality” is. It is more than reading the specifications on the box or counting the pixels.


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