Top Samsung Smartphones to buy in Nigeria.

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Top Samsung Smartphones to buy in Nigeria.

So, you’ve heard much about Samsung phones and how exquisite these devices (Samsung smartphones) are. if you are skeptical about the phone due to some things you were told about Samsung phones. Well, this piece is not just to change your mind, but to also show you some of the best Samsung Mobile phones to buy in Nigeria today.

Before we begin, you need to realize that Samsung produces some of the best Smartphones in the world today. Slick, well-built phones that make you (as a user) apart. Here is a list of the best Samsung phones to buy in Nigeria this year.

Best Samsung Smartphones to buy in Nigeria.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of Samsung’s best devices produced this year. A device with a stunning camera, wide display, sleek design with a powerful processor. This device is currently topping the galaxy mobile phone and generally speaking, it ranks amongst the best. Getting one can be expensive, but it’s totally worth it. Why is it up there amongst the best? Well, it could be the display fingerprint sensor, a dual-lensns (10MP plus 8MP) front camera, three wide – angles lenses on the rear end, and not, of course, a super AMOLED display plus 6.4 inches QHD.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A phone that was produced 2 years ago, it still ranks as one of the best out there. Though the smartphone was launched a few years back. The features of the phone make it one that’s worth spending your money on. One of the features that make this a true smartphone is the S-pen, a strong processor and a good battery life.

  1.  Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Speaking of Samsung Note smartphones, the next name on the list is the predecessor of the Samsung Note 8 which is Note 9. Note 9 was produced a year after the previous one. Launched in 2018, it still ranks as one of the best Samsung Smartphones to get this year. Some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 includes a 12MP back camera and a 2960 X 1440 screen resolution. The screen runs from one end of the device to the other end.

  1.  Samsung Galaxy S9

Back to the Galaxy series. The next name on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S9 series. Launched in 2018, the features made the device untouchable. Currently selling at good rates. What makes the Galaxy S9 Thick? A Quad HD, 5.8 – inch screen, a 2960 X 1440 screen resolution, and a 3000 mAh battery capacity.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8.

The last name on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Maybe it is not the best out there, but with features such as the 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal Memory, and a wide super display. Let’s just say 2018 was the year of strong smartphones. The quality battery (which is quite rare with a Samsung Smartphones) and the connectivity features should be enough reason to get the phone.

Remember, these phones are relatively expensive, but we had to write about it because of the quality they come with.

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