Samsung Galaxy Fold 9 : Adapting to the new innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Written by Samuel Tosin

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 9: Adapting to the new innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Imagine owning a phone that’s capable of folding. Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore. If you are just hearing about a fold-able phone, an example of a fold-able phone is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 9. Just as the name implies, the Samsung Galaxy Fold folds. As it turns out, the question isn’t about creating phones that are capable of folding but more importantly, the question that the users of the phone are battling to answer is how ready the world is to adapt to this surging trend.

Not to bore you with maybes and unending questions. One of such phones that we will be reviewing today is the Galaxy Fold. An epitome of what Foldable phones should be, the Galaxy Fold packs a punch. Now, let’s dive in into the world of the Foldable phone.

The Galaxy Fold – what about it?


It is not every day you see a phone that is capable of folding, transforming from your regular phone to a tablet – amazing right? Well, the Galaxy Fold phone does just that. Won’t the screen break from the folding effect? No, it won’t thanks to the 20 – part, dual-axis hinge, the phone can open and fold with ease. Not saying the screen is strong enough to withstand pressure and falling on the floor. But, it’s not bad, unlike what you are made to believe no thanks to some shady internet users.

But that hasn’t answered your question. So, what’s with the fuzz. Well, there are lots of things to be wowed about. When folding the phone, you don’t get a stiff effect, feels pretty natural. A phone that makes you feel like a CIA agent.

The durability of the Galaxy Fold 9

One major reason why there is a question mark on this phone is the Durability no thanks to the delicate style and overall design. The first impression of the phone when it was first released wasn’t a good one. Some users complained of broken screens, and how most of the models malfunctioned. Meanwhile, some users were guilty of removing the protective layers. The protective layer was designed to be fixed not moved.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 9 will not be launched. Remember the issue we had with flip phones? Yea! Seems similar. With the screen fading and going blank, it seems this is as a result of the flaws of the hinge and display of the phone.


Samsung in conjunction with Google came up with some amazing features. Some creative software features were designed. One of such clever design is the Multi-Active Window. The Multi-Window feature allows users to run two to three apps simultaneously on the large display. To open an extra app, you will have to swipe from the right. Swiping from the right screen helps to open additional applications.

In addition to opening three different apps is the phone’s ability to resize apps and wrap them around your finger, letting you move them from one part of the screen to the other.

Another software feature is App Continuity. The app continuity allows users to launch apps right on the small (cover) display, you can then have that same app fill up the big screen immediately you unfold the phone – cool right?

A viewfinder and Six Cameras on Galaxy Fold 9.

What else do you want from a phone that offers 6 different cameras? It has three shooters on the rear end of the phone. There is the 16 MegaPixel, 12 Megapixels, and another 12MP telephoto lens. The phone has a 10MP which you can clearly see when you unfold the phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is powered by a 4380mAh battery. That’s a relatively strong battery life judging by the brand’s (Samsung’s) pedigree.


  • With such a phone, you can run three different apps on the phone.
  • Strong battery.
  • Top-notch cameras.


  • Durability concerns.
  • Very Expensive.


The Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is good. the Skeptic feeling is what you get when a different style hits the market. People haven’t had a complete feel of the phone but with time it will grow on everyone.


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