Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Full Review.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Full Review.   For Decades, Samsung has remained one of the best phone-producing companies around the world. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is perfect proof of that. even though there have been many reports about the Note 10 coming, it still doesn’t change the fact that the Note 9 is worth talking about, and, that’s what we will be doing today.

What About it?

Costing over $900, the phone has lots of features. Some of such features include the Remote-control Stylus Pen which has Bluetooth Connectivity, a 4000mAh battery, an Artificial Intelligence Camera, Water carbon fiber cooling system and the DeX that comes without the dock. There are lots of things that make the Note 9 pretty thick.

What Makes Samsung galaxy Note 9 Thick?

Even though we’ve highlighted some of the features of Note 9. To appreciate it, one must explain these features further. The Features include:

- Style.

As usual, just like you will find with the Note series, Note 9 doesn’t fall short. It comes in a better hue and bold design. Some would prefer the Ocean Blue version of the phone, but the Midnight Black Version? That’s my favorite. Not to worry, there are other color variants to choose from. You’ve got the Lavender Purple and the Cloud Silver. The stylus pen comes in a different color. For example, Ocean Blue has a yellow stylus pen. Looking at the general design, it looks similar to Samsung galaxy Note 8. Why do they look alike? Well, one simple answer to that lies in the size of the phones. They both measure 6.4 inches in length and a depth of 0.34 inches. Though the Note 9’s display screen is a bit larger than samsung galaxy Note 8. While Note 9 has a 6.4 inches display, Note 8, on the other hand, is 0.1 short, measuring about 6.3 inches.

The Major Features

We haven’t touched on the important features of the phone. Let’s take a look at some of the features one after the other.

• The Stylus pen – more than just a pen.

The stylus pen (just as we mentioned earlier) is not just designed for ‘writing’ on the screen of the phone. There are other things you can do with the Stylus Pen. The S Pen (as it is called) has Bluetooth Connectivity features. It has custom shortcuts. It can also be used to remotely take pictures while you are 30 feet (maximum distance it can cover) away. Also, you don’t have to worry about plugging it for hours to get it fully charged because within a few hours, you can get it fully charged.

• Display

The display quality of the phone is stunning. If there is one thing, we know Samsung for, it's their ability to come up with an amazing screen display. The Note 9 has a Super AMOLED panel coupled with a Quad – HD screen resolution (same as Galaxy S9). When in direct sunlight, the OLED panel does its wonders. The phone hits over 600 nits, unlike the iPhone X which is just 474 nits and Google’s Pixel 2 which is 438 nits.

• The Camera – The AI effect.

The last feature we’d like to talk about is the AI Camera. Yep! You heard that right – The Samsung Note 9 comes with an AI camera. The rear camera is 12MP, it allows you to capture images with blurred background. Meanwhile, it also has a dual aperture which opens (automatically) at both f/1.5 to f/2.4 for a bright and crisp photo.

The Features in full

In short, here is a full list of the Phone’s features - A 6.4 (2960 x 1440) inches Super AMOLED Display - 6GB or 8GB RAM - 128/512GB Internal Storage. - Micro SD – which can be expanded up to 512GB - 8MP Front Camera - Dual 12MP Rear Cameras. - 4000mAh battery capacity. If what you want in a phone is the size (plus a huge screen), then the Samsung Note 9 is just the right phone for you, it falls among the best Samsung mobile phone in year 2019   Buy from JUMIA NIGERIA KONGA   Disclaimer: please if you think there's any missing information on this product information, feel free to contact us or read more here.

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