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Samsung Galaxy A5 Review – All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy A5
Written by Samuel Tosin

Samsung Galaxy A5 Review: A bridge between Class and Affordability.

Samsung Galaxy A5

There are three types of phones, we have affordable phone features, expensive phone with lots of features, and, lastly, those that act as a bridge between affordability and luxury. A perfect example is the Samsung Galaxy A5. When it was released in 2018, a lot of people were skeptical, understandably, that’s because it’s a flagship device. Samsung used to be about the top, high – quality devices. But that seems to have changed. This article is about the Samsung Galaxy Review. A review of the phone’s features and it’s entirety.

Design and Style of the Samsung Galaxy A5.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 looks just like the Galaxy S7. You’d hardly know the difference between the two devices. But of course, they are not the same and are quite different in so many ways. The A5’s style seems perfect. The proportion of the phone is one thing you’d hardly find at an affordable price. The phone has a 5.5 – inch screen, also, a 5.2 – inch panel which kind of reduces the phone’s size. Easy to hold, the phone has a thin bezel.

Some people believe the Galaxy A5 looks more stylish than the Galaxy S7. One can hardly argue that. it comes in different pastel colors – you have the gold, blue and the pink color. The different colors are consciously chosen to give the phone a subtle and stealth look.

The phone’s headphone jack is placed on the bottom which is the preferable place by the way. The headphone jack is found next to the Type-C port. It’s no breaking news that the Samsung Galaxy A5 is the only phone with a reversible connection. The phone’s speaker is placed at the side which still makes the speaker sound. But, not to worry, if you are wondering what your hand might obstruct the sound, the phone’s speaker is placed in a place where your phone can’t obstruct it.

Samsung Galaxy A5 – The Display

We have nothing much to say here. Not because there is nothing to talk about but simply because Samsung is the epitome of what a phone’s display ought to be. Safe to say, there is a whole lot to like about the phone’s AMOLED display. The screen resolution stands at 1080p FHD which makes it perfect for its price.

Although it seems Samsung has added and tweaked some things. One of such features is the Adaptive Display settings. Also, the phone has a color slider which lets you change the green, reds, and blues. But it’s advisable to leave the colors as they are.

Performance of the Samsung Galaxy A5

The performance needs to be improved upon. It retains the Octa-Core Exynos 7880 chipset which shockingly is till newer when compared to the phone’s direct rival’s processors. It delivers almost the same performance with the Moto GP plus. This is as a result of the cores of the 7880 are all Cortex A53s which you will mostly find in such an affordable phone.

It (Samsung Galaxy A5) runs on Android 6.0.1 which has Samsung’s unique interface incorporated into them. The battery capacity stands at 3 000mAh. The battery capacity can only last for a day though it has the fast charge feature.

The Verdict.

One of the advantages of buying a phone from the staples of a known brand like Samsung is that you are assured of investing in quality rather than in-the-book specs. Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is one of the phones meant to be the bridge between affordability and quality. So, you can buy one if you don’t like other phones like Honor 8, HTC U Play, and OnePlus.


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