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Removing Virus from an Android Phone – Here is how.

Written by Samuel Tosin

Removing a Virus from an Android Phone – Here is how.

Once upon a time, having your phone infected with a virus was one of the easiest things to come by as an android phone user. But recently, finding a virus in android phone is quite rare, but the fact is they still exist; and that is scary. We advise you to install anti-virus app on your phone to show you if you have a virus on your phone. Not to worry. Removing virus from an android phone is quite easy, just follow these steps.


Virus 101

You need to understand that a lagging phone is not just because it has been infected with a virus. When your phone starts to act funny; its usually because of the junk files you have on your phone. The virus affecting your phone is mostly caused by some of the apps you installed – but you are now wondering: “but I installed the app from Play Store,” well, even installing from Play Store doesn’t guaranty safe installation. This month (September), studies show that a particular malware known as ‘Joker Malware’ was installed from Google Play Store. The Malware tends to con users into selecting the premium plan on the app without the user’s consent.

Earlier, we stated the fact that having anti-virus on your phone sure helps to remove the hidden files infected with a form of malware or virus. These apps really help; they keep tabs on all of the apps on your phone. This helps in reducing the chances of your phone being infected. But there are other ways to go about removing this malware and viruses on your phone.

Activating the Safe mode

These apps work, but in case you know when the virus infected your phone, all you need to do is; first, activate the safe mode on your phone – this helps to put a stop to all the third-party apps activities. If you don’t know how to activate the ‘access mode’ on your phone, simply hold down the ‘volume down’ as you reboot the smartphone; if it works, you will see ‘safe mode’ in the bottom left corner of the screen’s phone.

Using the setting option – second step to removing the virus.

Once you are done with the safe mode, open settings > Apps & Notifications. Scroll down and pay attention to all the apps, once you see any of the apps with ‘funny’ activity. Especially one you don’t remember installing or one that doesn’t feel like a real app offering genuine service. Click on their info page to read more about the app.

If after going through the info page of such an app and you still don’t feel comfortable, or it’s not preinstalled, simply use the uninstall button.  Sometimes, these apps give themselves administrator rights; in this case, the uninstall button will be greyed out. You can take away this administrator rights by going to Settings, scroll down to ‘security and Location,’ then tap on the Device Admin Apps…voila! Remove the app immediately.




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