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Infinix Zero 5 Full Review: What we think

Infinix Zero 5
Written by Samuel Tosin

Infinix Zero 5 Full Review

Infinix Zero 5

Good smartphones used to be within the 30 000 to 40 000 price range, but now, to get a good smartphone, you will need more than that. That doesn’t mean you can get a quality phone for the previous price range; it’s just that the smartphone manufacturers are now adding some new features to their phones and this usually makes some phones expensive. Meanwhile, there is always a silver lining. Some phones are in between the two price-range and still have the features required in a good phone. This is an Infinix Zero 5 full review. We will be sharing our thoughts with you.

The Camera and General Performance of The Infinix Zero 5.

  • Camera

You can’t deny it. The Camera Features are one of the things phone buyers look out for when getting a new phone. So, smartphone manufacturers making smartphones with poor camera performance will be shooting themselves in the foot. When it comes to a phone’s camera, the Infinix Zero 5 packs a punch. With its dual camera setup of both 13MP telephoto lens and another 12MP wide angle sensor to help capture a quality image of that perfect memorable moment. One major problem with the camera is the detailing of the pictures in outdoor conditions due to oversaturation. Also, the bokeh shots is just is of average quality (not really up there). The phone has an optical 2X zoom that usually comes in handy for phone users.

  • Battery

What is a good phone without a quality (and strong) battery? Poor, right? Exactly! But you don’t have to worry as the Infinix Zero 5 comes with a 4350mAh battery. With this capacity, you can now run different apps and tasks on the phone with ease. Ever heard of the XCharge? The Zero 5 is XCharge enabled, which helps with the fast charging of the phone.

  • Storage

The phone runs on an Octa Core processor coupled with a 6GB RAM which automatically makes it easy for people to run different apps smoothly on the phone. The internal Storage of the phone is 64GB (ROM) which is pretty huge.


Display and design of the Infinix Zero 5.

  • Display

One of the features that stands out for us is the screen. Though relatively small, the Zero 5 has the 5.98 – inches HD display. It has a screen resolution of 1080 X 1920. Still talking about the oversaturation of the display, it’s not that bad as it doesn’t really affect the quality of the display.

  • Design

One word that qualifies the entire design of the phone is ‘bold’. What else do you call a phone with a metal unibody and slightly rounded edges? It comes in three different colors, from Sandstone Black, Champagne Gold and the Bordeaux Red. Not to worry, you will get used to the size of the phone in no time.  It uses a Type C port charging port (just like every other android phone, a dual – sim slot, and the power and volume button. There is a MicroSD slot on the left side of the phone. The entire weight of the phone is approximately 19 grams.


Final Verdict on the Infinix Zero 5.

We all know that on paper, Infinix Phones have good specs. But what they are when held is a different case. This doesn’t mean the phone is bad. The affordability of the phone coupled with its features will definitely make for a good buy.


Pros of the Infinix Zero 5

  • A quality display thanks to a high screen resolution
  • Strong battery
  • Nicely Built
  • Affordable.



Cons of the Infinix Zero 5

  • The camera needs to be worked upon, no thanks to the oversaturation problem.
  • Bloated Software.
  • The camera doesn’t function well in low light.
  • It is quite heavy.


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