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Get Free Music on Google Nest with these steps.

Google Nest
Written by Samuel Tosin

Get Free Music on Google Nest with these steps.

Google Nest (or Google Home as they were formerly called) are versatile smart speakers. They can be used to find answers for your kid’s assignment or used to control gadgets in your smart home. But in Naija, many people would probably be using it as a music-playing device. Whichever side of the divide you belong, this article will show you how to get free music on Google Nest.

Google Nest

Getting free music on Google Nest with these steps will be easy if you subscribe to Deezer, Spotify, and Google Music. Once you’ve connected your Google Nest, you say, “OK Google, Play (Your choice of music).” Make sure the song is the services database, only then will the song be played.

Google usually offer a 30 day – day free trial of google music at purchase; you should try this to see what you’d be paying for. Once the 30-day trial ends, you need not pay to keep listening to those songs. In case you chose not to subscribe to these services, we’ve highlighted some alternatives for you below. These alternatives will let you play your favourite music on Google Nest for free – yea, you heard that right.

How to get free Music on Google Nest.

  • Spotify Free for Google Nest

Connecting to Spotify free is one of the alternatives out there. Spotify’s premium and free version are both supported by Google Nest. You can access playlists and discover new songs. Go to Play Store on Google and download the Spotify app. Register and launch the Google Nest app; tap the account button. Select settings > Services > Music > Spotify.

  • Playlist on Google Play Music For Google Nest.

Setting up a playlist in Google Play Music is another way to go about it. Google Play as we all know, is a music managing app; and you don’t have to be a subscriber to use the service. Any music you have on your device will be accessed by the app. These tunes can be added to a playlist; you can then stream the playlist to Google Nest. Once you’ve done that; just say: “Okay Google, play (the name of the playlist).

  • Ad-supported music with YouTube Music free version.

Another alternative is the Youtube Music Free version. The free version grants you access to features which you’d get with the premium version. If you want to use the Youtube Music, simply launch the Google Nest app > tap the account button (its at the right side of the screen) > settings > services > Music > Youtube Music.

  • Internet Radio

Listening to internet radio is another option. With Google Nest, you can stream music from online radio services. It is an important thing you need to know about this is the fact that you can’t control what you listen to. However, being able to listen to trending music for free is worth it. To do this; just say: “Okay Google, play (state the radio station name).”

These are some of the ways to get free music on Google Nest. If you have any other idea, please do share with us in the comment section.

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