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Disabling Incognito Mode on your browser with these Steps.

Written by Samuel Tosin

Disabling Incognito Mode on your browser with these Steps.

Most web browsers come with this private mode, but it is known as Incognito in Chrome browsers. This mode affords web users some level of privacy. This is done by not saving the sessions on the web history browser or in the cookies. But, as we all know, is a place where anything and everything viewed; most of which aren’t suitable for kids. To prevent your kids from using this mode on your PC or any other PC in the home. Disabling Incognito mode on your browser has been made easy with these steps.


Disabling Chromes incognito on your Android, MAC, and Computer is possible, but doing this on the iPhone requires disabling privacy browsing in Safari since it’s the default browser for all iPhone.

When it comes to controlling the internet platform on your PC, MAC; most especially, the individuals browsing habits, one thing you need to be conversant with is the type of web browser installed on the device. For instance, turning off Safari’s privacy won’t mean anything if Firefox and Chrome are also installed on the same device since it’s almost impossible to deactivate private browsing on those web browsers.

Getting out of Incognito mode on your web browser.

Getting out of incognito can be of two ways; if what you want is to disable incognito mode temporarily, that can be done by simply closing the particular incognito tab and relaunching the web browser. But, if what you want is deactivating the mode permanently especially in chrome, then follow these steps.

Disabling incognito mode in Chrome browser on your PC.

To disable incognito mode in Chrome, you can use the registry addition. This sounds complex, but it is pretty easy.

Step 1.

Click the ‘Start’ icon and search for ‘CMD’.

Step 2.

Right-click on the CMD (Command Prompt) and click on ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 3

Next, type ‘REGADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\vIncognitoModeAvailability\r REG_DWORD\d 1’, then tap ‘Enter’.

Disabling Incognito in Chrome browser on Macintosh.

Disabling Incognito mode on Mac is quite different from what you have with the PC even though the result is the same.

Step 1

In the Finder, click on ‘Go’ then ‘Utilities’

Step 2

Open the terminal

Step 3

Finally, type ‘defaults write IncognitoModeAvailability -integer 1z’ and press ‘Enter’.

Disabling incognito mode in Firefox browser on your PC.

While Chrome calls its own ‘Incognito Mode’, Firefox’s own is known as ‘Private Mode’ – pretty obvious.

Step 1

Launch Firefox.

Step 2.

Click on the ‘Hamburger Menu’ at the top right of the browser window, then click ‘Add-ons’.

Step 3

Search for ‘Private begone’

Step 4.

Click on the ‘Private begone’ in the results. This will help disable the privacy mode in Firefox.

Step 5.

Next, click on the ‘Add to Firefox’ button.

Step 6.

When a pop-up appears on the screen ‘Add Private Begone’, click ‘Add’

Step 7

Relaunch the Firefox browser and the settings would have bee saved and applied.

These steps will ultimately help you control what is surfed on your Pc or Mac. To avoid stories that touch later on – if you know what I mean.


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