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Buying Your Next Refrigerator – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

Written by Samuel Tosin

Buying Your Next Refrigerator – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

When it comes to choosing the right refrigerator, there are certain things you need to take note of. In this piece, we will be sharing with you some of the things to look out for when buying your next refrigerator. Without a doubt. A fridge is one of the household appliances one can’t do without. A preserving tool that every home should own.


For families who are on a budget, a counter – depth fridge would be the right choice while if you are looking for something big, getting a side – by – side model would be your best bet. One of the other benefits of getting a counter – depth fridge is that it helps save space in the room, giving you more space in your kitchen. Here are the things to consider when buying your next refrigerator.

  • Want a Smart refrigerator?

Smart fridges are very tempting. The least smart fridge is Wi-Fi / Bluetooth enabled, they also have a touchscreen tablet coupled with cameras and apps to go with it. the Apps lets you control internal temperatures and create your grocery list. As tempting as all of these sounds, I won’t recommend getting one. Research shows that the circuits boards on these fridges break frequently, and just like any other smart device, they can also be hacked. Do you need that drama from a refrigerator? The security risk is something you shouldn’t overlook.

  • The Features to consider

When getting a new refrigerator, there are some features to look out for. Some of which include:

–         The Handle Style.

The handles are one of the few things you will see when you close your fridge. You’ve got the Pro handles; they are the straight and industrious – looking handles while the other one is known as the European style; this is the curved smooth and more classic handle. Rather than getting the fridges with grooves, you should go for handles.

–         Ice Water Dispenser on a Refrigerator.

From water dispensers to ice makers, you will often get one of these on any known – budget refrigerator. The issue with all of these features is that they malfunction easily. Some brands provide these features and are have a strong track record.

–         Noise Level

You read different user reviews complaining about loud noise. You need to take note of the noise level of the fridge you are trying to get. Look out for fridges with good noise scores.

  • Energy Efficiency for Refrigerators.

All fridges use less energy compared to the older models. Once you’ve upgraded by buying one of the new ones, your electric bill will drop drastically. Judging by the power problem we currently face in Nigeria, getting one of the new ones will benefit you a lot.

According to experts in this field, there aren’t reliability trends for refrigerators (that is, based on brand), meaning brands don’t determine the lifespan of a refrigerator. What determines how ling a refrigerator is the model. But that aside, the typical lifespan of a refrigerator is between 10 to 15 years.

When buying your next refrigerator, take note of all of these points and you won’t regret it. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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