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Finding your IP – All you need to know about finding IP addresses

Finding IP Addresses
Written by Samuel Tosin

Need Help Finding your IP – Here’s how.

Internet Protocol – What’s it about?

Its nearly impossible to own a computer without knowing the IP address. For those who don’t know, IPs are of two forms. Don’t know what IP addresses are? IP is a short form for Internet Protocol; it is the address known to represent the location of your device, in simple terms, see it as a postal address (but a digital version of it). So, if you need help finding your IP address, just continue reading.

Finding IP Addresses

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Like we said earlier, they (IPs) are of two types – They are private and public. Unless you’ve moved to IPv6, most of the times, they are string of four numbers. With the help of your IP address, locating your device on the internet is made possible. It is through the help of your IP that messages are sent to your machine directly. It is on this basis that the worldwide web functions, through this, web pages are sent back to your browser – no you know why.

Finding your IP address.

  • Using sites designed to perform such functions.

When it comes to finding your IP address, there are sites that lets you do this without having to go to the inner part of your computer. To do this, simply open a web browser on your computer and type in ‘’ or ‘’. Just as these names imply, they will display your IP address. For those who can’t recognize it, the numbers that are displayed this way: (This is a public IPv4 IP). These numbers are your public IP address. For IPv6, they have longer strings (hexadecimal characters).

  • It’s in your router.

There is nothing wrong with using these websites to find out what your IP address is; but what happens if and when you can’t connect with these sites? In that case, you will find it in your router. All you’ve go to do is log in to the router via on your web browser and your Public IP will be displayed on the homepage of the device’s interface. But you can also find it on the settings page. However, all of these depend on the kind of router you are using.

Finding your Private IP on your Windows PC.

Alright, we’ve discussed simple ways of finding your public IP address. But how do you find your private IP address? To find your private IP address on your Windows PC, all you need to do is to launch the command prompt – to do this, type in ‘cmd’ in the search box after opening the ‘start’ section of the desktop. Once you’ve clicked on ‘cmd’ and input ‘ipconfig’ in the search box it (cmd) will present to you. This will list your IP address under the ‘IPv4 address’.

Finding your Private IP on your macOS.

So, Finding private IP address on a macOS is obviously not same as searching on a Windows PC. That is why macOS users will need to click on the Apple logo, once you’ve done that, search and click on ‘system preferences’ and under that click on the ‘Network’ option. All you’ve got to do at this juncture is selecting the network you are actively working with. Beside the ‘connected’ and ‘status’ option which are all on the right, underneath where you have ‘connected’ written, you will find the IP address listed.


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